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1975 Cessna 180J Skywagon

Registration no. N8GJSerial no. 18052536

Aircraft Listing Type

For Sale


Recently bought from a lien sale in Texas. All times are correct and verified but all logs are missing except for copies of the last three years. Prop is a new overhaul. We also have all the FAA records from new regarding the 337's and STC's. Local mechanic is familier with the aircraft and has worked on it for many years. A good opportunity to buy an excellent 180 at a good price because of the missing logs.

Seller location

Placerville, California, United States

Aircraft location

Texas, United States

Airframe Total time

2,989 hours

Airframe Description

  • Long range fuel 84 gallons plus tip tanks
  • Flint tip tanks 32 gallons, total 116 gallons
  • Monarch tanks
  • Robertson STOL Kit
  • Vortex generators
  • Stretcher door
  • Large vertical fin
  • Three blade prop
  • P-Ponk gear-leg beef up kit
  • P-Ponk outer gear support shelves
  • Wheel pants
  • Polished firewall
  • XP Mods 10" Tailwheel
  • Small rasied gas caps
  • Tailcone lift handles
  • Rudder trim
  • Dual articulating seats
  • BAS inertia reel shoulder harnesses
  • Polished spinner
  • Refuelling steps and handles
  • Horizontal stabilizer abrasion boots
  • Ground service plug
  • Floatplane oil quickdrain
  • High backed split rear bench seat
  • Factory extended baggage with hat shelf
  • Rosen Visors
  • B&M Aviation flap gap seals
  • Cleveland wheels and brakes
  • Brackett air filter
  • New pulleys and cables in 2000

Engine 1 hours

510 hours SMOH


  • Engine Time: 510 SMOH on 0-470S, 230 HP
  • Propeller Time: 10 SPOH on McCauley three blade
  • Useful Load: 1240 Lbs (Kenmore 3190 GW Increase kit)

Flight rules

Instrument Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

  • King KMA 24 Audio panel with 3 LMB
  • King KLN 94 Color IFR moving map GPS
  • King KX 165 digital flip/flop 760 channel nav/com
  • King KI 209 Glide slope/VOR/localizer indicator
  • King KX 155 digital flip/flop 760 channel nav/com
  • King KCS 55a Slaved HSI
  • King KN 64 digital DME
  • King KT 76A transponder with Mode C
  • S-Tec 60-2 Autopilot coupled with altitude hold
  • BFG WX 950 Stormscope
  • Davtron 803 digital VOR
  • EI digital CHT guage
  • EI digital EGT guage
  • EI digital Oil temp/pressure gauge
  • EI digital fuel guages
  • EI digital fuel flow guage
  • EI digital carb/OAT guage
  • EI digital volt/amp guage⁠
  • EDM 700 graphic engine analyser
  • Airtex 406 ELT
  • Dual drilled yoke mounted push-to-talk buttons
  • Hamilton Vertical card compass
  • Hinged swing down circuit breaker panels
  • Avionics master switch
  • Standby Vacuum system

Number of seats


Interior Condition

  • Tan leather seats and matching side panels, cream wool headliner, light brown carpet. 
  • In very good condition. 
  • Overall rated 8.5 out of 10.

Exterior Condition

  • Very good paint in factory 1979 Skywagon scheme, overall white with metallic burgundy major accent and cashmere gold minor accent. 
  • Rated 9 out of 10.

Inspection Status

  • Annual Due: May 2024
Listed for Sale