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1979 Beechcraft 58 Baron

Registration no. N584CLSerial no. TH-1034


This ultra-low time 1979 Baron 58 has always been hangar kept and pampered by two well-known aviation personalities, actor and aviation writer Cliff Robertson and Clay Lacy, retired United Airlines Captain seniority #1, test pilot, air race pilot, world record holder and former chief executive officer of Clay Lacy Aviation established in 1968 as the first executive jet charter company in the Western United States. This Baron has always been professionally maintained.

Seller location

Henderson, Nevada, United States

Aircraft location

United States

Airframe Total time

1217 hours

Engine 1 hours

98 hours SMOH

Engine 2 hours

472 hours SMOH


Continental IO520-CB

Engine 1: S/N 571263

1119 HSN, 98.5 SOH (1/30/2007)

Engine 2: S/N 571267

745.5 HSN, 472 SOH (11/15/1995)

Hartzell PHC-J3YF-2VF

Prop 1: S/N ED785

1119 HSN, 98.5 SPOH (2/28/2007)

Props 2: S/N ED2223

1196.6 HSN, 20.9 SPOH (5/17/2007)

Flight rules

Instrument Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

Garmin GMA350 010-00871-01

Garmin GTN 750 010-00820-50

Garmin GNS430W 010-00412-45

Garmin GTX330 011-00455-00

Garmin GDU620 010-00482-50

Garmin GTX33 010-00267-11

Garmin GDC74A 010-00336-10

Garmin GRS77 010-00295-10

Garmin GMU44 010-00296-00

Garmin GTS800 010-00519-00

Garmin GDL69A 010-00339-01

Garmin GAD43e 010-00852-02

Garmin GA58 010-10720-00

Garmin GA58 010-10720-00

Garmin GA35 013-00235-00

Collins ALT-50A 622-3201-001

Comant HF/GPS/XM Antenna Cl 2728-410

Sensor Systems Rad. Alt. Antenna S67-2002

Sensor Systems Rad. Alt. Antenna S67-2002

Sensor Systems Iridium Antenna S67-1575-109

Century Flt. Sys. Yaw Damper 1C753-201

Century Flt. Sys. aw Damper Control 1C763-2

Century Flt. Sys. Yaw Servo 1C465-1-428Y

Bendix Radar

Additional equipment

Oxygen System

Aux Heater

Single Yoke

Brakes, pilots side only

Number of seats


Interior Condition

1/02/2015 by Clay Lacy Aviation, Van Nuys

Interior Year


Interior Score


Exterior Condition

8/24/2020 by Arizona Aero Painting LLC. (recognized experts in Bonanza and Baron paint)

JetGlo: U570535 – White

ACRYGlo: H10680 – Gray

ACRYGlo: W05963 – Red

ACRYGlo: W01955 – Black

Paint Year


Paint Score


Inspection Status

FAR 91.411: C/W: 6/07/2022 Next Due: 6/30/2024

FAR 91.413: C/W: 6/07/2022 Next Due: 6/30/2024

Inspection Expiry

Mon, Jul 31, 2023

Supporting Materials

Baron 58 N584CL Spec Sheet 12-17-22.pdf