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1992 Aero Vodochody Aero L-59A Super Albatros

Call for price
Registration no. N102XXSerial no. 002


Former Slovak air force flown around 200 hrs and sold to US around early 2002. COMPLETE Refurbishment March 2019 at $270k cost in US.

  • Annual and Condition Inspection March 2023 (Done by Code 1 Aviation)
  • Fresh paint June 2019 at US$50k
  • Turbofan engine DV2 at 4,850 lbs of Trust with Great EGT margin (25 degrees), engine with FADEC. Same fuel flown as the AI25 Engine for the L39C model but 100 knots faster in cruise
  • Acceleration from 4 to 6 seconds from idle to full power
  • Cruise speed of 450 KTAS at FL280
  • VMO of 500 KIAS and MMO Mach .78
  • Approach speeds 120 Kias
  • Range with Tip tanks 650 nm / without tip tanks 370nm
  • CURRENT SEATSAND CANOPY IS COLD but could become HOT pending invest on pyros / rockets
  • Climb speeds at 250/270 KIAS at 4,000fpm – 5,500 Fpm depending on the weight
  • Flight controls hydraulics system (dual independent systems)
  • 2 x Hydraulics systems
  • APU Engine start with Back up Generator and back up Hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic Canopy
  • Antiskid system
  • Fully supported by Aero Vodochody, Code 1 aviation.
  • FLOWN since full restoration 90 hrs
  • Spare parts on market available + Engine available to buy if necessary for spares
  • Complete set of almost 40 maintenance manuals byAero and DV2 factory all in English
  • Full time support from DV2 Factory former mechanics still working at Tunisia air force
  • Same type rating as the L39C models with few differences on systems (Hydraulic and APU/ENGINE system)

Seller location

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Aircraft location

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Airframe Total time

460 hours

Airframe Description

Empty weight: 8300 lbs

Max take off weight: 15,000 lbs 

Engine 1 hours

642 hours SMOH


OH Completed by DV2 Factory - 2002

Flight rules

Instrument Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

Full Garmin Brand New Refurbished Cockpit

Garmin G3X

Garmin GTN650




2 x Com’s + 1 Nav + GPS

Back up Garmin G5

US Oxygen system installed

Ipad Doc

Additional equipment

Background on L59 Aircraft Model

  • Aero on early 1990 decided to come up with a Light attack and combat aircraft with more powerful.
  • Engine that could carry more payload and also better flight handling quality. So they developed the L59.
  • Produced a total of 65 aircraft before then upgraded the program again and installing a more power engine they come up on late 1990’s with the L159A and L159B aircraft model.

Difference Between the Variants L39C, L39MS/L59 and L159A

  • Engine started at L39C using a AI25 model with 3,800 lbs of trust moving to the 4850 lbs engine.
  • Then move into the L159 to 6,000 lbs of Thrust (FJ124 ENGINE)
  • On the L59 and L159A they installed dual hydraulic flight controls independent from each other.
  • Improved the flight envelope on L59 and have much better attack and combat capability from the L39C.
  • On the L59 and L159A the max gross weight increase from 10,500 on the L39C up to 17,000 on the L159.
  • On the L59 AND L159A can be configured for 4 and up to 6 hard points for weapons and fuel tanks.
  • The L159 is still manufactured by Aero at a price of U$ 19m each unit .
  • The canopy on the L159A and the L59 are the same design and very different then the L39C.
  • Aero develop also the L159B model and are current working on the L259 Next generation light attack.

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