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How much is a Piper PA-28 Cherokee? Let's get into it!

While Piper continues to produce new Piper PA-28 Cherokee series as the Warrior, Arrow, Archer, and Pilot, you can find used prices on most of these models for an affordable range.

You can find that the used Piper PA-28 Cherokee price range can start at around $52,000 and go up to about $199,900 or more on Aircraft For Sale.

Piper PA-28 Cherokees are equipped to suit student pilots and make for a great training aircraft or your first airplane to own. The PA-28 Cherokee's predictable handling characteristics, in combination with its forgiving nature, have allowed it to maintain its popularity.

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The Piper PA-28 Cherokee, introduced in 1960, is a milestone in general aviation history. Designed as a cost-effective and versatile four-seat aircraft, it became a popular choice for flight training, personal use, and light commercial operations.

The initial model, the PA-28-150, featured a 150 horsepower engine. Over the years, Piper introduced numerous variants with increased engine power, enhanced avionics, and various configurations. The PA-28-160, PA-28-180, and PA-28-235 were among the successive models that catered to evolving market demands.

The Cherokee Archer, Warrior, and Arrow variants expanded the Cherokee family, each with specific enhancements. The Archer offered increased horsepower, while the Warrior focused on training with a simpler configuration. The Arrow introduced a retractable landing gear, contributing to higher cruise speeds, while the Turbo Arrow and Turbo Dakota variants introduced turbocharged engines, enhancing performance at higher altitudes. Over the decades, Piper continued to refine the Cherokee design, introducing modern avionics and updated systems.

The PA-28 Cherokee series remains in production, demonstrating its enduring popularity and relevance in general aviation. Its legacy is marked by a history of reliability, training proficiency, and adaptability, making it a respected and well-loved aircraft in the aviation community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much fuel does a Piper PA-28 Cherokee burn?

The fuel burn rate for a Piper PA-28 Cherokee can vary based on factors such as the specific model, engine type, altitude, airspeed, and weight. As a general estimate, a PA-28 Cherokee typically burns around 8 to 12 gallons per hour (GPH) during cruise flight.

How fast does the Piper PA-28 Cherokee go?

The cruise speed of a Piper PA-28 Cherokee can vary depending on the specific model, engine, and configuration. As a general range, most PA-28 Cherokee models have a cruise speed of approximately 110 to 140 knots. The actual cruise speed can be influenced by factors such as altitude, weight, and specific modifications made to the aircraft.

How far can a Piper PA-28 Cherokee fly?

The range of a Piper PA-28 Cherokee can vary depending on factors such as the specific model, fuel capacity, cruising altitude, and weight. As a general estimate, PA-28 Cherokee aircraft typically have a range of around 400 to 800 nautical miles with standard fuel tanks.