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1927 Lincoln-Page LP-3

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Registration no. NC1677Serial no. 127
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This is a very rare and quite complete 1927 Lincoln-Page LP-3 project. This aircraft is an incredible example of surviving originality.

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Michigan, United States

Aircraft location

Hastings, Michigan, United States

Airframe Total time

0 hours

Airframe Description

The airframe is very solid. I have not seen a tube frame project this clean! The landing gear is equally solid, the spoked wheels are in decent condition. You may notice this aircraft has Travel Air hubcaps. You might also notice there is no tailwheel, but it’s not missing. This aircraft was equipped with a a tail skid. The cockpit has half of the gauges (2 of 4), including a very old oil gauge & temperature gauge. The Fuel gage on top of the dash is a very rare Aero Standard Corporation 25 gallon tank gauge, made by the Boston Auto Gauge company. The interesting little switch to the side turns through. There is a wooden control grip that came with the airframe but seems quite long. Regardless, it will stay with the airplane.

 The wings are where it gets fun. We have both upper wings. All the wing attachment hardware/brackets look to still be installed. The wing skeletons are quite solid themselves & fairly complete. Not much work would be required if you were making this a static display for a museum. These wings look quite similar in construction to a set from a Travel Air 2000 I had about 8 years ago. For the lower wings, we have 2 right wings. 1 retains it’s original covering (black), the other is mostly covered (yellow). Both look & feel quite solid, the mostly covered wing will need some rib & trailing edge repair. It’s a great basis to make your left wing out of. As with the uppers, all wing attachment hardware appears to be present & installed. We have many interwing struts/cabanes for the aircraft, some are damaged please refer to the photos. There are also a few bundles of flying wires for this aircraft. There are 41 total wires, not including the ones still installed on the airframe. There are fairings for the flying wire attachments.

Many parts still have the original cotton fabric this was covered with in 1927. We have the original handpainted NC-number from the wing. The vertical & rudder came from a different LP-3. That aircraft also gave us a spare elevator, which looks quite solid under the fabric. In fact, all the tail feathers look quite nice & will require minimal work.

Total hours flown in the past 6 months

0 hours


Firewall forward is close to ready for an engine. The original OX-5 engine mount is installed along with the radiator, header tank, and fuel strainer. The beautiful hand formed OX-5 Cowling is also here. For economical & more reliable operation, rather than use the original OX-5, we planned on using a Ranger L-440 to power her. The Ranger has near twice the power (175-200hp vs 90) despite being 14 pounds lighter, and it fits on the OX-5 mount perfectly. The ranger is 3 inches shorter both height & lengthwise. Parts for a ranger are also much easier to acquire. With this consideration, this would make the aircraft a very economical restoration for someone on a smaller budget.

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Visual Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

Not even a compass installed

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The pilot

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Original cotton fabric

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Inspection Status

Has not been registered since 1933

Damage history

No evidence of damage to the airframe

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