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2000 Cessna 182S Skylane

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Registration no. N836TBSerial no. 18280735
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The Cessna 182, registered as N836TB, is a single-engine, high-wing aircraft renowned for its reliability and versatility, making it a popular choice among pilots for both personal and commercial use. It offers a balanced combination of performance, dependability, and comfort, ideally suited for both short and long-haul flights.

Seller location

New Iberia, Louisiana, United States

Aircraft location

New Iberia, Louisiana, United States

Airframe Total time

2,530 hours

Airframe Description

The Cessna 182, registered as N836TB, boasts a robust and reliable airframe, known for its excellent performance and durability in a variety of flying conditions. This aircraft has a commendable safety record with no accident history, further emphasizing its reputation as a dependable choice for pilots. Running an uAvionix skyBeacon to comply with ADS-B standards.

Total hours flown in the past 6 months

80 hours

Engine 1 hours

1,001 hours SMOH


The propulsion system of the Cessna 182, registered as N836TB, showcases a well-maintained engine, evidenced by its last annual check on October 3, 2023, which reported healthy compression readings of 70, 68, 72, 78, 75, and 70 when cold. Both the propeller and engine underwent a thorough overhaul in August 2006, ensuring efficient and reliable performance that has been upheld through regular maintenance and careful operation.

Flight rules

Instrument Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

The Cessna 182, registered as N836TB, not only features the advanced IFR-certified Garmin 430 WAAS for precise navigation but also includes the reliable King autopilot system with altitude preselect. This combination offers an exceptional level of control and convenience to the pilot, enhancing safety and efficiency. The King autopilot system is known for its dependability and ease of use, allowing for smoother flight experiences and precise altitude management. Including a Garmin Aera 560, for SiriusXM radio and XM Weather.

Comms equipment

N836TB, features a comprehensive communications setup, headlined by the Garmin 430W, a sophisticated GPS/NAV/COM system with WAAS capability for precise navigation and communication. Complementing this, the aircraft is equipped with a King NAV/COM system as a reliable backup, ensuring uninterrupted communication and navigation support. This combination of the Garmin 430W and King NAV/COM offers a robust and versatile communications suite, providing pilots with enhanced safety and efficiency in various flight conditions.

Engine management

N836TB, utilizes the EDM 700, an advanced engine monitoring system, to ensure optimal engine performance and enhanced flight safety. This system provides real-time, precise data on key engine parameters, aiding in efficient and informed decision-making during flight.

Additional equipment

N836TB, is currently in the process of upgrading its engine monitoring system from the EDM 700 to the more advanced EDM 730. This upgrade represents a commitment to enhancing flight safety and operational efficiency, offering more detailed and comprehensive engine data for effective monitoring and management during flights.

Number of seats


Additional equipment

Sirius XM Weather

Interior Condition

N836TB, features a gray leather interior that is both stylish and comfortable, currently rated in an 8/10 condition. This indicates a well-maintained and high-quality interior that provides both aesthetic appeal and durable functionality, enhancing the overall flying experience for both pilot and passengers.

Seat covers are consistently used on the front seats as a measure of protection. This practice helps in maintaining the quality and appearance of the interior, particularly preserving the condition of the seats under regular use, reflecting a thoughtful approach to the aircraft's upkeep.

Interior Year


Interior Score


Exterior Condition

N836TB, is rated at a 7/10 condition, indicating it is well-maintained with a finish that still retains its shine. This reflects a balance of regular use and careful upkeep, preserving the aircraft's aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. We added leading edge tape to add continued protection from rocks and debris. 

She has always been stored in a hangar, ensuring its protection from the elements and contributing to its well-maintained condition. Despite this careful storage, it is not merely a hangar queen; the aircraft is flown on a regular basis, indicating a healthy balance of usage and meticulous upkeep, vital for maintaining its operational integrity and flight readiness.

Paint Year


Paint Score


Inspection Status

N836TB, underwent its last annual inspection in October 2023. This recent inspection underscores the aircraft's commitment to maintaining high safety and performance standards, ensuring it remains in top flying condition.

Inspection Expiry

Thu, Oct 31, 2024

Damage history


Supporting Materials

182S Performace.pdf
N836TB Airframe Maintenance Record.pdf
N836TB Avionics Record.pdf
N836TB Engine Recods.pdf
N836TB Prop Log.pdf
N836TB W&B.pdf
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