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1962 Cessna 180E Skywagon

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Registration no. N169NSerial no. 18051138
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  • This plane is a 62 180E that was renovated last year by the Aircraft Remanufacturing Company in Washington, now currently known as "Bushliner" This is not a zero time rebuild, it is a very extensive restoration and upgrade and rebuild with every improvement possible in structure and comfort. The third side window airframe starts in 1960 and ends in 1985, and has a higher rear roofline above the rear seats than the 59 and older 180's. The 60, 61, 62 and 63 180's have the higher roofline of the later three window 180's and all the 185's but no actual third side window. This plane has simply had it added so it is like a 64 or newer airframe. Almost every STC that a 180 can have is on this plane. It has complete logs since new in 61 but most are not relevant now since the restoration. Very extensive records of the restoration and current logs. No hail. No corrosion. A unique aircraft because Bushliner no longer do older aircraft restorations, they only do new builds from zero to the ground up as custom orders. So this is the only one of these.

Seller location

Placerville, California, United States

Aircraft location

Placerville, California, United States

Airframe Total time

7,665 hours

Airframe Description

  • Many float kit reinforcement additions but no float kit
  • 300 HP P-Ponk 0-470-50 engine built and balanced by Lycon
  • Third side window added
  • Sportsman STOL kit
  • Vortex generators
  • Fuselage reinforced like on later airframes
  • Ceramic intake
  • Custom MT three blade
  • 65 gallons fuel capacity
  • All three tail AD hockey-stick components replaced with new and upgraded
  • New jackscrews
  • Lakeview folding rear jumpseats
  • Full rear bench seat is included
  • Billet machined trim wheel
  • Alaska Bushwheel, wheels and brakes
  • High density foam soundproofed headliner with inset lighting
  • All lights everywhere are LED
  • Seaplanes West HD engine mount
  • New bladders
  • Remote airwolf oil filter
  • Lightweight high capacity battery (4lbs)
  • Flat floor extended baggage
  • All new glass with UV tint
  • Bushliner grab handles on upper wing for refuelling
  • Refuelling steps and handles
  • BAS Tailcone lift handles
  • BAS Inertia reel shoulder harnesses
  • Rosen visors
  • Dual articulating front seats
  • Soros air vents
  • Stainless steel screw kit everywhere
  • Seat arrestor belt
  • Door Stewards
  • Windshield V brace
  • Tailcone jackscrew access panels
  • Monarch gas caps
  • Multi-function and speed landing/taxi lights
  • Cowling cooling louvers with covers
  • Ground service plug
  • Later model doors with anti-burst latches
  • later model push button baggage door
  • McFarlane seat rails
  • McFarlane controls
  • Custom yokes
  • High flow air filter⁠
  • Useful Load: 00000 Lbs.

Engine 1 hours

81 hours SMOH


  • Engine Time: 81 SMOH on 300HP P-Ponk 0-470-50 by Lycon, polished, ported, balanced.
  • Prop Time: 81 SPOH on custom painted, nickle edged, three blade MT

Flight rules

Instrument Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

  • All new avionics set in a Bushliner Next Gen billet anodised panel
  • PS Engineering PMA450A Audio panel with Intercom and 3LMB
  • Dynon Skyview HDX MFD/PFD synthetic vision glass panel
  • Fully plumbed for number two Dynon HDX on right side
  • Cooled Ipad mount on right side
  • Avidyne IFD 440 color IFR GPS
  • Aerocruze Vision 385F-PV40 fully coupled autopilot
  • Dynon D10A EFIS back-up
  • Dynon digital flip/flop com
  • Avionics master switch
  • Control wheel steering (Autopilot interrupt)
  • Remote 406 ELT arming panel
  • Dual push-to-talk buttons
  • Sirius XM integrated into intercom
  • Multi-choice red/white back or forward panel lighting⁠

Number of seats


Interior Condition

  • Custom black leather seats with utility floor matting and matching side panels with leather trim. Soundproofed headliner with integral lighting.

Interior Score


Exterior Condition

  • Overall light gray-white base with Bushliner custom scheme with metallic black tail and top cowl and an orange minor accent.

Paint Score


Inspection Status

  • Annual Due: December 2024

Supporting Materials

N169N Logs.pdf
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