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Although Cessna no longer makes new 180 models, a pre-owned aircraft is a great option when looking to purchase one.

You can find that a used Cessna 180 can range in price anywhere from $189,000 up to $235,000 or more on Aircraft For Sale.

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Revisiting the aviation chronicles to 1956 unveils the origin of the Cessna 180 evolutionary journey. Manifesting as a larger sibling to the Skyhawk, itself akin to an inflated 150, the 180 encapsulates Cessna's expertise in amplifying past designs. Sprouting from the 180 taildragger, the 182 acquired tricycle gear, underwent exhaust reconfiguration, and witnessed fuel vent system refinements, accompanied by the adoption of wet wings for fuel storage.

However, with the introduction of the new landing gear, the 182 inherited a nose-heavy disposition, a trait that persisted through subsequent versions. Even with contemporary models, adept trimming remains essential to avoid the risk of the nosegear encountering the runway, a cautionary measure against crow hopping down the strip. Older 182s often bear witness to repaired gear and firewall due to historical nose prangs.

In its inaugural phase, the 182 was propelled by a 230-HP Continental O-470-L engine, a choice so commendable that variants persisted until production ceased in 1986, offering an easily overhaulable engine at prices below $30,000.

Defined by a straight tail and a windowless rear, the original 182 exudes an antique charm, subsequently refined by Cessna with the introduction of a stylish tailfin and the beloved classic rear window. Initial gross weight stood at 2550 pounds, a notable contrast to the contemporary Skylane with a max takeoff weight of 3110 pounds.

Cessna's commitment to enhancement materialized through a continual improvement initiative, unveiling new model designations at regular intervals. The 182A, for instance, witnessed a revamped gear design with a wider track, lower stance, shortened mains by 4 inches, and a nosegear reduction by 2 inches, accompanied by the addition of an external baggage door and a 100-pound increase in gross weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much fuel does a Cessna 180 burn?

The specific fuel burn rate of a Cessna 180 can vary based on factors such as altitude, airspeed, and engine configuration. On average, a Cessna 180 can burn approximately 12-14 gallons per hour in cruise. However, for precise and up-to-date information, it's recommended to refer to the aircraft's operating manual or consult with experienced Cessna 180 pilots and maintenance professionals.

How fast does the Cessna 180 go?

The cruise speed of a Cessna 180 can vary depending on factors such as altitude, weight, and specific model configuration. However, as a general estimate, the Cessna 180 typically has a cruise speed in the range of 130 to 145 knots (150 to 167 mph). Actual speeds may vary, and for precise information, it's advisable to refer to the aircraft's performance manual or consult with experienced Cessna 180 pilots.

How far can a Cessna 180 fly?

The range of a Cessna 180 can vary based on factors such as fuel capacity, weight, altitude, and specific model configuration. As a general estimate, the Cessna 180 has a range of approximately 470 nautical miles with standard fuel tanks and a a 45 minute reserve. For precise information on the range of a specific Cessna 180 model, it's recommended to refer to the aircraft's performance manuals or consult with experienced pilots familiar with that particular aircraft.