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1957 Piper PA-23-180 Apache

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Registration no. N164YFSerial no. 23-1234
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  • Super clean Geronimo with great avionics.
  • With the VG 's , 180hp and Geronimo mods, it would make a great trainer or a relatively safe light twin due to the low VMC and good climb ability on one engine.
  • A very nice 180 HP Geronimo with most mods. Excellent paint (9+), great glass, and a nice interior (8) with a modern panel.
  • Most Geronimo mods were done by Seguin aviation, well known as the Geronimo mod center, and were done in the eighties.
  • Mods included extended nose, all landing gear doors, square tail, gap seals, one piece windshield , alternators and more.
  • At a later time streamlined fiberglass engine cowlings, a one piece sloped windshield, also a VG kit, an extended rear baggage compartment and Hoener wingtips.
  • Holds 108 Gallons of fuel, 72 in mains, and 36 in outboard aux.
  • Has a backup electric Hydraulic system for gears and flaps.
  • Avionics were updated later, and include an Aspen EFIS, Garmin 430W, a King KX155 and a Stratus TX.
  • Reason for selling is that it does not have enough space for my survey cameras, I am using an Aztec, which will accommodate my equipment. I am very flexible on price.

Seller location

Petaluma, California, United States

Aircraft location

Petaluma, California, United States

Airframe Total time

9,800 hours

Airframe Description

  • 9800 TT since 1957, but Geronimo conversions were done in the eighties, around 5000 Hrs, this does not constitute a new airfame, but it certainly was inspected. this airplane has been flown, and is not a hangar queen. She has lived in low corrosion environments. also there has been no known structural failure on the PA 23 series, indestructible.
  • I do have most logs since new, but do not have logs between 1971 and 1991. 
  • There was damage to the tail 2005, a hangar door struck the tail.
  • Annual was done in April 2024.

Engine 1 hours

2 hours SMOH

Engine 2 hours

2,200 hours SMOH


  • She has 2 O360 Lycomings, 180hp each.
  • Left engine has 2200 SMOH, right engine has 2 SMOH.
  • Left engine has very good compression and oil pressure, compressions were 72 79 78 and 74 on April 2024.
  • Right engine is recently overhauled by an Engine shop, and installed in May 2024.
  • Have flown 2 hours with her, so still breaking in.
  • Props are recent and no clamp Ad's.

Flight rules

Instrument Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

  • Aspen AFD 1000 EFIS, Garmin 430W , King KX155, Stratus ADSB out TXP, a PS engineering audio panel with intercom.
  • Also a Century 2 AP that will keep wings level and turn.
  • Does not seem to track or follow heading.
  • Also a carb temp sensor, and a inflatable door seal.
  • Electric Hydraulic backup system for gear and flaps.

Number of seats


Interior Condition

  • Glass is like new, interior is also very nice, really nice floors and headliner. Seats are covered with sheepskin .
  • They are decent underneath, but than I have a set of matching blue seats, front and back that are in excellent shape.

Interior Score


Exterior Condition

  • Paint is really very nice, done around 2005. 

Paint Year


Paint Score


Inspection Status

  • Annual was done in April 2024.

Damage history

  • There was damage to the tail 2005, a hangar door struck the tail.
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