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1977 Cessna 421C Golden Eagle

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Registration no. N513JNSerial no. 421C0293
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Aircraft Listing Type

For Sale

Seller location

Florida, United States

Aircraft location

St. Petersburg - Clearwater International Airport (PIE), 14700 Terminal Blvd, Clearwater, Florida 33762, United States

Airframe Total time

7,042 hours

Airframe Description

N513JN, a 1977 Cessna 421C RAM, is a unique aircraft with all of its avionics modernized with a fully glass cockpit. Nothing was spared in terms of maintenance and upgrades. The extended range fuel (262 gallons) provides unbelievable range while riding in comfort with a real potty (flushable) on board, the STEC 3100 autopilot, the EVS-600 Enhanced Vision System and known-ice certification. The addition of strakes and winglets makes this one of the fastest Golden Eagles that can be found, and more importantly, one of the safest. The electric air conditioner (the only useful A/C for a 421) can cool the aircraft on the ground. The left engine has only 93 hours since RAM overhaul while the right engine has 493 hours since RAM IRAN (1482 SMOH).

Initial 421C training in the form of 10 hours free dual, extensive free ground school and management tips by the MEI seller are included. The very equipped cockpit, good paint, excellent interior and extended fuel system combine to make this one of the most attractive Golden Eagles on the market today.

• Strakes: This expensive addition adds substantial speed but more importantly, it lowers stall speed and increases single-engine performance.

• Winglets: This expensive addition also adds substantial speed but more importantly, it also lowers stall speed and increases single-engine performance. Also, winglets are no longer available for purchase.

• Spoilers (PowerPac)

• Wheel/Hubcap Speed Covers (adds a couple of knots of speed)

• Wing Nacelle Lockers

• CIES Fuel Sensors

• Electric Air Conditioning: Factory air-conditioning is useless in a 421. The electric can be turned on while on the ground before engine start and does not need to be shut off for takeoff and landing.

• Ground power receptacle allowing for air-conditioning or other power use

• Cabin Heater

• All lighting was converted to LED: Landing, Taxi and De-ice Lights

• Known Ice (Flight Into Known Icing certified): Complete De-Ice Boots (inboard/outboard, stabilizer & vertical fin boots all in excellent condition), Fuselage Ice Protection Plates, Ice Detection Light, 100 amp alternators, heated props (with prop ammeter), electric glass windshield, heated pitot tubes, heated stall warning vane and heated wing locker fuel vents.

• Glass/Electrically Heated Pilot Windshield

• Dual 100 amp alternators

• Flight Custom III Tires, Cleveland Brakes & Wheels

• Dual Auxiliary Nacelle Fuel Tanks: The additional two fuel tanks (28 gallons/each) provide N513JN with an unprecedented amount of fuel for a 421 (262 gallons) allowing for very extended range. 

• Polished Spinners

• Cabin Prop Syncrophasers

• Rosen Sun Visors

• Engine Fire Detectors/Extinguishers

• Optional, Variable, Cabin Pressure System

• Optional, larger Supplemental/Emergency Oxygen System (11CF)

• Empty Weight: 5552.3, Useful Load: 2057.7, Baggage: Nose—600 (250 Fwd, 350 aft nose bay), Far Aft Cabin Bay—100.

Free Instruction & Operating Management: The owner is an expert in operating and providing initial instruction in a 421. Our price includes extensive ground school and 10 hours of dual instruction by an MEI for a qualified initial 421C training. Additionally, we will provide extensive briefings and tips as to how to fly, manage and maintain the aircraft. Included will be our comprehensive 421 operating manual customized especially for N513JN.

Engine 1 hours

93 hours SMOH

Engine 2 hours

1,482 hours SMOH


The left engine was overhauled by RAM Engines, 4/20/2021 and includes RAM STC with higher climb power. The right engine has 493 hours TSIRAN: The right engine was Inspected and Repaired as Needed (IRAN) by RAM and has 493 hours since it was entirely disassembled, cleaned and reassembled to service limits per TCM Overhaul Manual. This engine also includes RAM STC with higher climb power. 

Propellers McCauley Three Blade, Constant Speed: SMOH Left: 189 / Right 189

Flight rules

Instrument Flight Rules

Navigation equipment

• Garmin G750/G650

• Garmin G600 w/ Synthetic Vision Technology

• STEC 3100 Autopilot with Altitude Preselect, Yaw Damper and Electric Trim

• Max-Vis EVS-600 Enhanced Vision System: The Dual Sensor Enhanced Vision System infrared cameras improve visibility during nighttime darkness, taxiing at night, haze, smoke, light fog, black hole approaches and other challenging conditions

• ADSB In/Out

• Avidyne Active Traffic Unit TAS 620

• BFG WX 1000 Storm Scope

• Garmin GDL 69 Data Link

• ESI-500 Standby Instrument with Navigation

• Garmin 696 GPS Map

Comms equipment

• Garmin GMA 35c Audio Panel with Blue tooth, Cabin Audio and PA System

• Bose Powered Connectors (pilot and copilot)

• Garmin GTX 330 Transponder

Engine management

• 3 - CGR-30 Engine Monitor Combo—All digital/glass engine instrumentation

Additional equipment

• USB ports in cockpit and main cabin

Number of seats


Additional equipment

Air Conditioning

Interior Condition

The interior includes 8 place leather seating in excellent condition with folding tables, cabinetry, and bar area. New leather seats, retractable seat belts, and leather yokes are in the cockpit. 

• Tinted window Inserts

• 8 leather Seats

• Potty: The potty is real and is flushable. It is quite simple to operate and keep clean. It comes with a separate Cabin relief tube.

• Cabin relief tube.

• 110V electric outlet

• Passenger & Cockpit Oxygen Masks

• Passenger & Cockpit Life Vests

• Pitot cover, cowl plugs, heat shields, tow bar & Control lock. Custom aircraft full cover (Bruce’s) included.  

• Custom Medco locks replacing standard Cessna locks throughout

• Dual Executive Cabin Tables

• Cup Holders

• Individual Reading Lights

• Cabin Light Battery Saver and optional Cabin Door Saver

Interior Score


Exterior Condition


The exterior is in excellent condition with recent Paint (2019) by Yingling Aviation. New tires, rotors, and brakes recently installed.

Paint Year


Paint Score


Inspection Status

Annual Inspection: January 2024 (All ADs Complied with)

Logbooks Condition: Excellent and Very Complete

Always U.S. Registered and Based

Inspection Expiry

Fri, Jan 31, 2025

Damage history

Damage/Incident History: None

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